Sassy Baby 9 Piece Developmental Toy Gift Set

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Sassy Welcome Baby Gift Set. Do you need a great gift for a new baby in your family? Here it is! One little box contains nine essential newborn toys. Why you and your baby will love this product: The Sassy Welcome Baby Gift Set is a colorful gift themed box featuring nine lightweight, colorful toys to inspire all the senses. The Twist & Turn Rattle, Coolin Teether, Wrist Rattle, Gummy Guppy, Shake About Sprout, Lively Links, Mini Polka Dot Rattle, Smile Baby Camera and Fascination Station are all included in this great developmental box set. For newborns and up, these toys will promote thinking, communication, and motor skills. A great gift idea for any new mom and newborn. Order the Sassy Welcome Baby Gift Set today!

Gerritnow price: $18.95