Savespro Cash Money

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Would You Like Some Real Cash Money? wants to help bring a smile to you and your Family.

I have been asked by to give away up to $1000 a week to any person or family that needs some extra help. Maybe you have a horrible debt that is causing you a lot of stress or your partner has been made redundant, maybe you have found the credit crisis is hitting you and your family really hard.

All you need to do is email me a short message in the form below, with no more than 100 words, saying why you need some genuine help. I will read the emails and see if I can help you out with extra cash.

I am hoping to split the weekly money bank between a few different people, and if I can help with your situation, money will be sent within 24 hours as a cheque or bank transfer. Check your emails as I will contact you by email, if you are selected to make the payment arrangements.

Don’t forget to include all your details, including your name and address. Every day I am also going to be sending out lots of random gifts and presents to some lucky people, because just wants to help make people smile, and there is no better way than being generous and giving during this difficult times.

Please understand that I may not be able to reply and help everyone, but will do my very best to support friends. is here to help dear friends so there is no catch, just lots of extra cash!