Tommy Hilfiger Women's Down Jacket Giveaway!

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Hey, Just to let you know that Vuzme is giving away this stylish elegant, Tommy Hilfiger Women's Down Jacket.

To win, simply sign up and post a comment and tell them why you would like to win this.

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Snuggie Fleece Blanket (As Seen On TV) Giveaway

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Hey just to let you know that I joined this awesome, really cool social network site called Vuzme and I have decided to host my giveaways going forward on the Vuzme site. You can join the site for absolutely free and as soon as you join send me a friend request and I will surely accept.

The next giveaway is the snuggie fleece blanket (As Seen on TV). Another fantastic Giveaway. I just got mine and I immediately thought of doing a review and giveaway for it.

The snuggie fleece blanket is great for sofa surfing and even for boating.

It Has Sleeves & Is Super-Soft, It Does Not Slip & Slide Like A Regular Blanket So It Keeps You Warm From Head To Toe while allowing complete freedom of movement. Read, Eat, Sew, Use The Remote, Talk On The Phone Or Work On Your Laptop In Complete Comfort, You Can Also Use Outside To Keep Warm At Sporting Events, One Size Fits All, 71" x 54", Machine Washable, As Seen On TV.

You can see more details for this giveaway on the Vuzme site.

To enter the contest, sign up at Vuzme, send me a friend request, I will accept and then you can comment on my Vuzme blog page where I am hosting this giveaway.

Join Vuzme and enter the contest to win this fantastic, awesome SNUGGIE!!

I look forward to connecting with you on Vuzme